The IT Crowd Theme in C

Inspired by VIznut, in the last few days I have experimented with music creation using a C compiler. This morning, I chose to write small program playing a melody not entirely unlike the theme of The IT Crowd when piped to /dev/dsp. True to the spirit of the intro, it ends with a division by zero.

#include <stdio.h> main() {long int t;for(t=0;;t++) {fputc((int)( (0/(128000-t))|(((t<92000)*0xff)& (t%2000*(" $& %' '% %$"[t%32000/2000]-32) |t%2000*("$$ %% '' %% "[t%32000/2000]-32)/2)| (t%2000*("'&"[t%92000/2000]-32)&(t>92000&&t<96000)*0xff)| (t%4000*("'&(&*$,* "[t%96000/4000]-32)&(t>96000)*0xff)) ), stdout);}}

Much smaller version that sounds even better:

#include <stdio.h> main() {long int t;for(t=0;;t++) {fputc((int)((1/(128000-t))|(t>96e3)?t%4000*("'&(&*$,*"[t%96000/4000]-32):(t%2000* ("$$$&%%%''''%%%'&"[t%32000/2000]-32-(2*((t>28e3)&(t<32e3)))))/(1+(t%8000<4e3))), stdout);}}

14. Oktober 2011 von erlehmann
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