Debian GNU/Linux on Thinkpad Edge e135

When fotografiona wanted a new laptop, tante suggested the Thinkpad Edge e135. Installing Debian GNU/Linux on it turned out to be moderately difficult.

Using a normal installation imagewritten to a USB memory stick – the installer could not find the installation medium, expecting a CD or DVD. A network installation failed as the bootloader could not be installed.

After reading about UEFI, while trying to fix the broken installation using a bootable live image, I randomly tried installing Debian from the live system, which worked.

I changed the first link to point to fotografiona‘s programming blog, as it is more on topic than her other blog.

23. September 2012 von erlehmann
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Kommentare (7)

  1. USB stick ist nicht gleich USB stick. Von dem halben dutzend meiner sticks funktionieren nur zwei zuverlässig zum davon Booten.
    Fotografie unter Lunix? Da ist Fiona aber ganz schön masochistisch veranlagt, höhö.

  2. What has the german word “Nachtrag” in this english article to search?

  3. That word is put there via CSS – in a not-language-aware way because I am lazy.

  4. AMD E Serie CPU ist ziemlich lahm. 4 Jahre altes Gerät mit Core Architektur dürfte schneller sein, eher Netbook-Niveau

  5. You’re talking about netinstall. Did you try a complete netinstall including loading the bootloader (pxelinux) via PXE or was it just a half-assed netinstall from USB-stick?

  6. Half-assed stick netinstall, of course.

  7. Ah. Just wondering if PXE might have worked (as it isn’t even that hard to set up)

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